Mary MacKillop

Born 15th January 1842, died 8th August 1909. Mary MacKillop had a dream. It was to provide children with an education, especially those children whose parents couldn't afford to pay a teacher and the children who lived in isolated areas where there were no schools. She also helped the homeless women and children and old people and people in trouble. Mary's dream was shared with other young women and to make the dream come true, they formed a group who called themselves "The Sisters of St Joseph". They went into country towns and started schools. Parents were happy that their children would be able to get an education. Remember that in Mary's life time there were no telephones, fax machines or photocopiers, internet or email. In order to keep in touch with her Sisters who worked all over Australia and New Zealand, she wrote letters. (Taken from A dream come true, published by Mary MacKillop Secretarial Publication, 1995, written be Sr Joan Goodwin RSJ)