Local Government - Local Council

Welcome to our wiki page on Local Government. Local government is the government that is closest to you and I. It is there for our local community. Local Government has a council of people instead of a Parliament. These people are reponsible for local matters such as rubbish collection, libraries, traffic, streets, town planning, gardeners and pet registration.MAP_LOCALAREASINNSWCOLOURED[1].jpg

Urban Councils

Baulkham Hills Council

Blacktown Council

Hornsby Council

Parramatta City Council

Penrith Council

Pittwater Council

Ryde Council

Rural Councils

Armidale City Council

Bourke Shire Council

Broken Hill Council

Lake Macquarie City Council

Orange City Council

Port Macquarie - Hastings City Council

Activities - Two tasks to be completed before going onto the presentation and assessment

  • Evaluation of a web site using the attached file

  • Recording the web site that you using the attached bibliography sheet

Presentation and Assessment

  1. Imagine you are the Mayor and need to give a presentation, using Power Point, to the residents about the Local Council.
  2. Imagine you are an author use the software, 2Create a story, to create, a picture book to tell everyone about the Local Council.
  3. Imagine you are a web developer and you have been asked to create a Wiki to tell everyone about the Local Council.
  4. Imagine you are a film director and you have been asked to create to a Video for television to tell everyone about the Local Council.
  5. Imagine you are a radio announcer and you have been asked to create a Podcast for the local radio station to tell everyone about the Local Council.
  6. Imagine you are a cartoonist and you have been asked to create a Photostory, using either clay figures or Lego characters, to create a presentation to tell everyone about the Local Council

Checklist for assessment