Lin Onus

*Lin Onus was the son of an Aboriginal father and a Scottish mother.

*He grew up in Melbourne

*Lin Onus had worked in quite a few jobs until he came to painting in his late 20's.

*Lin Onus had a western realist style of painting that was very different from traditional aboriginal art.

*He used elements of both styles of painting.

*He used to visit Garmedi (Arnhem Land) so that he sould use some traditional images in his paintings.

*His dad was from the Yorta Yorta people from the Barmah Forest country and Lin used some of these images in his paintings.


*Lin Onus trained to be a mechanic as well. He used the techniques of spray painting and fibreglass moulding in his artwork.

In the late 1980's the concept of reconciliation landed in the lap of Australia's political and legal arena. The vision of a united Australia, for the right of all people to pursue their lifestyles and culture in accordance to their own traditions was a vision shared by many Australians; but was the central motivating force behind the work of Lin Onus. (Taken from theblurb website)

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Painting by Lin Onus: Michael and I are just slipping down to the pub for a moment.
In the painting The Dingo is Lin Onus's symbol rides the back of the Stingray

Mandiginingi - 1995
(taken from Abstract Australia website)

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Jimmy's Billabong

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Fruit Bats 1991 (taken from dictionary of sydney website)

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Matong (taken from website)

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