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Indonesia Lino
Learning Activities
· Use Google Earth to locate Indonesia in relation to Australia. Locate the main islands of Indonesia and the oceans and seas surrounding Indonesia. · Use Microsoft Word to create a Fact File about Indonesia. Use these headings to help you: Location, Climate, Natural Hazards, Environmental Issues, Capital City, Language. Locate your information from: · Visit ‘A Trip to Indonesia’ website: Select one topic from the following: Transport, Food, Clothing, How People Live. Using the ‘Inspiration’ create and complete a Venn Diagram (similarities and differences) between Indonesia and Australia on the topic you have selected. · View the YouTube video on Indonesia: Share an interesting fact you learnt from the video in the Indonesia Discussion. · Study the Indonesian Coat of Arms. Use the website to research the Garuda, the Shield and Emblems, Scroll and Motto: Cut, paste and colour a picture of the Coat of Arms into your HSIE book (your teacher will give you a copy). Label each part of the Coat of Arms and its meaning. · Explore the website ‘Go Indonesia!’ *

Books for Indonesian children