Luca Della Robbia

Luca della Robbia was a sculptor who introduced colour to his work. His interest was in sculpting on a flat surface, where the images were raised rather than creating free-standing tall sculptures.

He lived from around 1400 (some websites say 1382) and died in 1483.

He was an Italian sculptor from Florence

There are not alot of details about his life

He produced a lot of altar pieces too

He used things like marble, bronze and terracotta

Here are some examples found on google images:

external image 8.LUCA-DELLA-ROBBIA-MADONNA.jpgexternal image singing_angles.jpgexternal image Cantoria_di_luca_della_robbia_01.JPG


external image 220px-Portrait_of_Henri_Matisse_1933_May_20.jpg
Henri Matisse
31 Dec 1869 - 3 Nov 1954

French Artist

He was known for his use of colour.

He was also known for his paintings but sculptured as well.

First started to paint in 1889 and studied in Paris.

He met Pablo Picasso around 1904 and they became friends for life. The difference between them was:-
Matisse drew from nature
Picasso worked from his imagination

He belonged to a group called "The Fauves". This group indulged in vivid colours and stylised or distorted decoration with amazing results.

In his later years, Matisse was confined to a wheelchair but did not let this hinder his work. He began creating pictures by cutting shapes out of coloured paper and creating colourful collages. He called this "painting with scissors."

(Wikipedia website)

external image matisse_Two_Girls_in_a_Yellow_and_Red_Interior_1947.jpgexternal image Matisse.jpgexternal image Matisse-snail.jpg

Here are some examples:
1. 2 girls in a yellow and red interior (1947)
2. Purple robe and anemones (1937)
3. The snail
Eventually by 1950 he stopped painting in favour of his cutouts (as he was confined to a wheelchair). The snail is a major example of a set of works known as the cutouts.


external image L07_HappyMmeMatisse.jpg