Colin Lanceley

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  • photo from The Australian Newspaper photographer: Alan Pryke
  • born 1938
  • His family came to Sydney from New Zealand when he was one.
  • He studied art, graduated in 1960, he then married
  • He played a game with his friends that they called 'Aesthetic Chess' in which they emptied their pockets onto the coffee table and rearranged the objects such as coins, bus tickets, keys etc into interesting patterns
  • His style used objects with interesting shapes to form pictures
  • From 1964 he was awarded a travelling scholarship to Italy and UK. He then spent a further 18 years in the UK teaching and painting before returing to Australia in 1981
  • Colin Lanceley has had many exhibitions exploring ways of making interesting pictures by combining scultpure and painting.

external image songs-of-a-summer-night-lynnes-garden-1253163286--5021924038656004096.jpg
songs of a summer night (1985) Sourced from Art Gallery of NSW

This piece of work was inspired by Matisse's painting The Moroccans which uses coloured shapes on a black background. Colin Lanceley is recreating his feelings of standing on the verandah of a house in Sydney on a hot summer's night. The shapes of plands glow in the darkness. He has often overlapped shapes in complementary colours: red and green, blue and orange, purple and yellow in order to make the objects seem brighter.

external image 28673.JPGFrom National Gallery of Australia website
Pianist, pianist where are you? 1964-65
Sculpture, stained and painted wood, enamel, polychrome piano keyboard and sounding board

The End of the Pier
The End of the Pier

The End of the Pier
Colin Lanceley
Mixed Media
(Sourced Art Galleries - Schubert website)

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